Kiss that Valentine with Tu-lips!

Hey, hey, gang! We finally have a blog post! 

It's almost February, aka Valentine's prime time! Whether you've got a hot date lined up or are planning to consume all of the discounted candy on Feb 15th, we want to help you celebrate. This year we are offering mini bouquets wrapped in paper to give to yourself or your Valentine(s), with a mix of blooms and greenery that is sure to brighten up the (probably) gloomy weather that will be outside. 


Sizes and pricing information for our Mini Bouqs:

Baby bouq: (three blooms and greens to fill in): $12

Bigger baby bouq: (four-six blooms and greens): $20

And if you want to get a full bouquet for that boo of your's that is fine too-just give us a head's up and we can customize your order!

If you are interested in ordering please send an email to or use our "Contact" page to get in touch with us! We will need to know your name, contact info, and how many mini bouquets you would like. After your order is in we shall be in touch with you to discuss pick up times and dates for your flowers. All orders must be placed by Feb 15th.

Now all that's left is to get your card and your chocolate lined up, and you are the most prepared Cupid there ever was!